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Sculptures in the Garden of Eden – Part I & Part II

This exhibition has 2 parts. Part I The first part of this series was held in 2019 at the Biesbosch Museum Island. For this exhibition in a protected nature area we worked with Greenpeace and 4 sculpture artists. Part II The second part was held in the Berg Church in Deventer. This exhibition showed the works of 12 international artists. Enjoy the sculptures and other art from established artists as well as local and international upcoming talent.

Part I Biesbosch Museumeiland
1/6 – 31/8 2019

Part II Berg Church Deventer
31/1 – 30/03 2020

Biesbosch Museum Island & Berg Church Deventer
The Netherlands

Additional information

Sculptures in the Garden of Eden – Part I

Outdoors: a sculpture exhibition inspired by the protected landscape of the Biesbosch Museum Island in Altena (NL).

Artists: are Harley Davelaar, Jeffry Koopman , MAF Art, Nora Kastein.

Opening: Guest speakers: Faiza Oulahsen (Greenpeace Campaigner, Climate, Energy & Trade), Paula Jorritsma (Alderwoman for Altena Municipal).

Music: Johan Kloosterhuis (saxophone) and Eline Toebes (chello).


Sculptures in the Garden of Eden – Part II

Indoors: an art and sculpture exhibition inspired by the beautiful Berg Church in Deventer (NL).

Artists: Nelson Carrilho, George Struikelblok, Frank Merks, Jelle de Graaf, Nora Kastein, Bruce Atherton, Emeke Buitelaar, Carla de Boer, Jeffry Koopman, Shahaila Winklaar, Maria Steinebach, Mamoru Watanabe.

Opening: Guest speaker: Mayor of Deventer Ron Konig.

Music: Johan Kloosterhuis (saxophone), Annegreet Rouw (harp), Jan Kloosterhuis (organist).

Teaser Video's

Part I Biesbosch Museum Island

Part II Berg Church Deventer


Part I Biesbosch Museum Island


Jeffry Koopman

Harley Davelaar

MAF Arts

Nora Kastein

Video reel

Optional English subtitles on the interviews with Greenpeace Faiza Oulahsen (Head of Climate & Energy/ Program Director Greenpeace Netherlands)


Part II Berg Church Deventer


Bruce Atherton

Nora Kastein

Frank Merks

Carla de Boer

George Struikelblok

Shahaila Winklaar

Jelle de Graaf

Maria Steinbach

Emeke Buitelaar

Jeffry Koopman

Mamoru Watanabe

Gea Bakker

Video reel


Carla de Boer is an artist with extra challenges. She likes to raise knowledge  and get the audiance familiar with people with conditions like hers.