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Margin is at the forefront of forward thinking.
With every year that passes the world becomes more a complex and fragmented place with multiple stories and urgent issues and at the same time it becomes more joined up through technology.

We need creative and imaginative artists and arts organisations to help us make sense of this, to inspire us and show us new ways of thinking about the world and working with each other.

Margin is one such organisation that thinks outside the box and finds new ways to cross the divides we face. Their imaginative work connects  communities and cultures, they use creativity to initiate dialogue, research social concerns and they understand the importance of bridging the public and private sectors. They show us that the margins are actually the new centres.
Dr. Peter Ride
Principle Research Fellow Humanities - University of Westminster, London

– We make art accessible to the masses –


To inspire… our clients in a variety of creative gendre

To lead… our customers by creative strategic solutions

To succeed… where our competitors fall short

To produce… innovative solutions in the creative space for our clients to grow